Returns list of all available items in shop with prices. Method also returns how price should be formated for specified country and what is correct currency code.



country_code [string] (required)
    country code should be in the form of uppercased two letter code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2). The result will be country specific (currency, prices, ...)
nodecimal [boolean] (required)
    if prices without decimal places is required this should be set to true. Default value is false

Return Values

JSON data object
    currency_symbol - country's currency code
    currency_symbol_in_front - if is set to true, the currency code is written before the price
    currency_decimal - character used to seperate decimal places
    currency_digit_grouping_symbol - character used to thousands, millions etc.
    currency_digits_after_decimal - how many decimal places price should have
        item_code - shop item code
        detailed_description - item's long description
        short_description - item's short description
        filter - to which group item belongs
        sku - item's SKU code
        price_numeric - price in the form of number
        price_display - price formated for display
        quantity_params - details about quantity, duration, discounts etc.


   response encoding: JSON
   country_code: US
   POST: country_code=US
   POST: json={ "country_code" : "US" }

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