How to Start Remote Access Connection: Android


To start ISL Mobile using your Server license you need to first create a Domain and User Name. Please read through the following guide in order to do this.

To start a connection using ISL Mobile, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1

On your Mobile device, locate and touch ISL Light to start loading the ISL Light App.


Step 2

Touch on the  button at the top right corner of the screen to load the sub menu and access Settings.


Step 3

You can now access server settings for ISL Light mobile.


Step 4

Touch the ISL Server option to edit the ISL Server. It needs to contain the server address you use to run ISL Online products. You can add the server in the form of (Default server for ISL products) or as an IP address as in the example bellow:


Step 5

After entering your server address, click OK and return to Login Screen.

Step 6

You will have to log in with one of the usernames that were created on your server.


Step 7

Once you have logged into your account you will see a list of computers that you have installed ISL AlwaysOn Remote Access on to. Click on the computer you wish to access from the list.

Note: You can only log in to those computers with the green icon where the connection is live. Any computers that are not live are either switched off or have had remote access disabled from the ISL AlwaysOn application that is installed onto that computer.


Step 8

You will see some additional information about the computer you selected, click the Connect button to initiate the connection to the desired computer.


Step 9

You will be asked to provide the Access Password (the password you setup when installing the application to the particular computer you are going to access). Please enter this to start the connection.

Access Passwords are case sensitive.


Step 10

At the start of your first connection you will notice the instruction box appear. Please read through these to understand how to navigate around the remote computer.

Note: You can turn this off at any time by deselecting the Show Tips tick box.


Step 11

Now you will see the remote computers screen.

Quick Tip: You can zoom in on the screen by using the Pinch instruction.

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