Configuring ISL Conference Proxy


Adding our scripts to IIS

We need to download isl-cp-example-events-to-sql.aspx and put it into the IIS wwwroot folder.

Repeat the above download and copy procedure for the following two viewer scripts:

Do not worry about these two for now, we shall use them later, after everything has been configured properly.

Configuring ISL Conference Proxy to use our script

We need to configure ISL Conference Proxy in order for it to send http events to our script. 

Do the following in order to login into ISL Conference Proxy web administration:

  1. Login to your ISL Conference Proxy server.
  2. Open a web browser.
  3. Enter the following URL http://localhost:7615/conf in the address bar.
  4. Enter username admin and password asd (if you changed the default password, then replace asd with your current password)
  5. Click the Login button.

Now we need to activate http notifications and set all the needed parameters.

Please go to Configuration - Advanced - Integration and set these parameters:

  • Global HTTP events¬†- set to yes
  • Global HTTP events server - set to localhost:8080
  • Global HTTP events path - set to /isl-cp-example-events-to-sql.aspx
  • Global HTTP events strict error checking - set to yes

For the locations of these fields and their values please refer to the screenshot below and follow the numbered steps.

ISL Conference Proxy integration configuration - the final step of setting it all up - is now complete.

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