Please keep in mind that this is a test example and is not suitable for production use without modifications - here are some pointers to get you started:

  • XAMPP was used because it is an all-in-one package, you can use other combinations of web server and database.
  • Database access is done through the ADOdb library so it is easy to change the database (in this example it is MySql).
  • Please check all security-related settings and permissions before putting the server in production!
  • You will want to implement input checking for production use.
  • It would be a good idea to set two different users, one with write access (you use that user in the script events.php that writes data into the database), the other with read-only access (you use that user in the light_viewer.php script to get data).
  • In light_viewer.php there is a setting that should only be used for development purposes - remove it for production use:
    $smarty->force_compile = true;
  • The sessions_rawdata table is there for debugging purposes, so that you can see everything that is sent by the ISL Conference Proxy - if you do not need it, you can modify the events.php file not to write into it.
  • Viewer scripts print various debug info for easier understanding - remove them for production use.



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