Test Sound

Play test sound

Play a test sound to check if your audio setup is working properly.


Record test sound

Step 1

Click "Record test sound" to begin the recording.


Step 2

While the above Message Box is present your audio is being recorded. Press "OK" when you are done, to have the recording played back to you.


Step 3

The recorded message will now be played back to you. If you can hear it then your microphone is working properly.



Set the audio playback device and its volume.

Step 1

Open the Device for sound playback dropdown menu.


Step 2

From the list of available devices select the one the ISL Light Desk will use to play back the audio.


Step 3

Set the internal audio volume of ISL Light Desk.



From the "Device for sound recording" select the audio recording device used by ISL Light Desk to record sound.



  • Auto adjust microphone volume - Let ISL Light Desk auto adjust the volume of your microphone.
  • Acoustic echo cancel (Experimental) - Enable echo cancellation functionality in ISL Light Desk. ISL Light Desk will try to reduce and cancel out
  • Set high process priority when connected - Set the priority of audio communication to high. During the session ISL Light Desk will thus prioritize audio communication to make it as seamless as possible.

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