Desktop Sharing


You can change the following options under Desktop Sharing menu:

  • Enable console window streaming.
  • Transfer transparent windows (use CAPTUREBLT flag for server updates) - Set whether the ┬áCAPTUREBLT flag will be set for getting server updates. It is used for enabling / disabling the transfer of transparent windows. It is also used in situations when the mouse cursor on the viewed window is not seen (problem has occurred mainly in some Citrix/RDP environments). Default value is: checked.
  • Remove desktop background when streaming - Desktop on the remote computer is removed and replaced by solid color to decrease the bandwidth when streaming.
  • Disable AERO style when streaming - Disable AERO style if present to decrease the bandwidth during streaming.
  • Disable effects when streaming - Similar to removing the background image for the duration of session it is advisable to disable other desktop effects as they are purely aesthetic but can have a great impact on the quality and speed of remote support session, especially if the connection has a limited bandwidth.
  • Enable code injection when grabbing OpenGL and DirectX applications.
  • Manage hardware acceleration settings - Improve video/graphic streaming quality when you are connected to the session.
  • Enable Windwos 8 Desktop Duplication - Use the new Desktop Duplication drivers if the session is established with a computer running Windows 8 and higher, as this provides a better remote support experience.

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