Select View Region


Step 1

Click "Custom Region" option, you will be prompted to select a rectangular area of viewing screen.

Note: Additional view options are located under Tools -> Select View Region -> Select Region, where you can select a custom view region you wish to see by marking out a rectangle.

  • Desktop (shows the whole desktop, i.e. all enabled displays) (Set as default).
  • Select Region (draw out a custom sized rectangular view region).

Note: If the client has more monitors, the default setting is that we view all of them side-by-side. In the menu however we have the option of limiting the view region to just one of them. If the client only has one monitor this setting is not displayed.

Step 2

Click and drag to select viewing region.


Step 3

Until you choose another Viewing Region option, you will be able to see only that part of client's screen.

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