After entering the password, the ISL Light desktop stream is switched to administrative mode and a notification is added to the chat history window.

With administrative mode enabled, you can now send different key sequences to the remote computer, by going to "Tools" -> "Keyboard" and select a key sequence from a dropdown menu:

  • Remote (Switch to remote keyboard layout).
  • Local (Switch to local keyboard layout).
  • Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • Win + L(Lock screen -> logs out remote user).
  • Win + R (Run -> Brings up a windows Run window).
  • Print Screen (Screen to Clipboard - it can't be pasted on the remote side).
  • Enable Clipboard (Disable/Enable - Toggle the Clipboard option on or off).

With this setting you can toggle whether the Support and Client side can share a common Clipboard. If enabled it means that if the supporter copies some text into his clipboard, the text will also be copied into the clipboard on the remote side, making it easier and faster to share information between remote computers. This also works in reverse, meaning that if client copies some text into his clipboard it will also be copied to the supporter's clipboard.  

Option to Enable/Disable clipboard is available on Supporter's and Client's applications. In order for the shared clipboard to work, both sides of connection have to set the Clipboard option to Enabled.

Note: Size of shared clipboard is limited in text size. You are only able to copy around 1 MB of text into the shared clipboard. If you try to copy more than 1 MB, a notification message will be shown and you will only be able to copy only the first 1MB of data.

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