Click "Chat" button from toolbar.

The chat option is active throughout the ISL Light session, independent from the other options (Desktop sharing, File transfer).


In the ISL Light chat, the following options are supported:

  • Single and multiple line text. The words are being wrapped at the end of the line and text is continued in a new line without being sent to the opposite side until the user presses "Return" key or  "Send text" button.
  • Inserting links. Internet links can be inserted using a simple copy / paste operation. They are pushed to the opposite side when the text is sent.
  • Copying and clearing the chat history can be done by right-clicking on the chat history area.
  • Sending text to ISL Conference proxy can be achieved by right-clicking the "Send text" button.
  • The chat history is saved and can be viewed in the report option within your ISL Online account.

Server license users: The chat history procedure for server license differs from the procedure for hosted service users - please go to this topic (the "Send chat transcripts" option) for more information.


Some notifications are automatically displayed in the chat history window when a certain event happens or when a feature is (de)activated, e.g.:

  • Desktop viewing is requested.
  • Desktop viewing is started or stopped.
  • Desktop control is allowed or disabled.
  • The connection is lost or gained back.
  • Reconnecting.
  • Connection is inactive.
  • Desktop is switched to the administrative mode.
  • Etc.

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