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ISL AlwaysOn

Disabling this option will prevent the user(s) from adding or connecting to unattended computers. The computers are not permanently deleted, so the setting can be reverted. The user(s) will also be unable to view "Remote Access" tab on webpages.

License Usage

Max number of owned connections (hard limit)

This setting limits the combined number of owned ISL AlwaysOn computer connections for all the users within the domain. It also serves as an upper limit for the "Max number of owned connections" setting (see below).

Max number of owned connections

This setting limits the number of owned ISL AlwaysOn computer connections for the user. Attempting to add more ISL AlwaysOn computer connections will result in an error message explaining that the maximum number of licensed connections has been reached. Computers that are shared with the user do not count towards the limit. Note: This setting is limited (upper bound) by the "Max number of owned connections (hard limit)" setting (see above).

Access Management

Scheduled access (in UTC)

This setting specifies the days of the week and times when the user is allowed to connect to ISL AlwaysOn computers. Outside of the schedule, new connections to remote computers will be rejected, however existing connections will remain active.

The time schedule can be set for individual days of week (1=10:00-14:00, 4=15:00-17:00) or for a range of days (5-7=11:00-12:00). Please note that day 1 is Sunday and day 7 is Saturday. For each day, multiple schedules can be specified with different time ranges (00:00-23:59) in UTC time standard.

When the setting is in the wrong format, all new connections to remote computers will be rejected and an error log will be appended to the server log file.

For more details and examples, please refer to the Scheduled access manual.

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