ISL Pronto Report


Report displays daily ISL Pronto (live chat) sessions made.

Report consists of six parts:

  • Filters [1] - Allows filtering which sessions are displayed.
  • Report Type [2] - Select a report type. Available types are:
    • Overview - Default report type, lists all sessions.
    • Hours of day - Shows session information for each hour of day ( 00:00 - 01:00, 01:00 - 02:00, ... ).
    • Days of week - Shows session information for each day of week ( Monday, Tuesday, ... ).
    • Missed chats - Shows all missed (unanswered) chats.
  • Session Chart [3] - Displays a chart of daily sessions. To get more info about sessions for a particular day/hour (depends on the report type selected) hover your mouse cursor over a point on a graph. If a time range of one day is selected, it displays hours instead of days.
  • Session Statistics [4] - Contains aggregated data about all listed sessions.
  • Session List [5] - Lists all sessions that match selected filters. On the bottom left-hand sides, you can select number of sessions listed per page and switch between pages. On the bottom right-hand side, you can export the sessions in the desired format.
  • Press the  button to select which session fields should be displayed for each session. Here you can also enable the Custom Fields and Poll Field(for more information see customer satisfaction poll) to be visible if there are any present [6].

  • Graphical representation of answered and missed chats [7].

Session fields:

  • start - date and time of when the session started
  • client name - client's name
  • client email - client's email
  • username - supporter's username
  • filter - filter that supporter belongs to
  • wait time - time it took for a supporter to answer the chat
  • duration - how long the session lasted
  • chat - link to chat transcript
  • Custom Fields
  • Poll Fields

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