There are multiple settings available to you while using ISL Groop. All of them can be accessed by pressing the  button in the top row of the application.

Before you log in with your ISL Online account, you have the following options available:

  • Nickname - Name displayed to other participants next to your picture
  • Remember login - Do you want the application to remember your login credentials for faster login in the future
  • ISL Server - Server name / address used to handle ISL Groop connection, default value is¸. Change this to your server name / address if you are using ISL Conference proxy.
  • Port - port used to establish connection, default port is 7615
  • Language - Set language used in the user interface of ISL Groop


Once you are logged in you can only access Nickname and Language options trough  button as the connection to the server has already been established. To change the servers settings, you will need to log out first, by pressing the button and selecting the Log Out option.



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