Actions performed by Domain Adminstrator(s) are recorded in the Audit Log enabling the review of all actions and changes to be performed.

By default 4 columns are shown for each action performed by a Domain Administrator: Timestamp (Date and time of action being performed), User (Username), Event (Short description of performed action) and Data (Before and After state of the action - Click on "Show more" to expand the section).


Click "Show More" for a particular action in the Data column to expand the audit log. Data section contains the name and id of the object (setting) being changed as well as the Before and After state, so the action can be reverted.

Click on "Columns" button to display additional columns with more information contained in the audit log. Available columns are:

  • Timestamp
  • IP Address
  • User-Agent
  • User
  • Event
  • Data
  • Data.<field_name> - Dynamically allocated columns based on fields contained in the Data portion of loglines

Note: Data fields are shown when "Show More" is clicked in the Data column.

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